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Prostate Balance - Balance Factor
Prostate Balance

Prostate Balance

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support a healthy urinary tract and prostate health

Say goodbye to prostate problems with our Prostate Support formula. Made with Saw Palmetto, Lycopene and Nettle Root, this blend of natural ingredients work together to reduce inflammation, protect against damage and support healthy urinary function. Get the best prostate health support nature has to offer with our Prostate Support formula.


Saw Palmetto | Lycopene | Nettles


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What is it?

Introducing Prostate Support, the ultimate blend of Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, and Nettle extracts. This powerful formula is specially designed to support prostate health and improve overall urinary function.

Saw Palmetto, a natural extract derived from the berries of the Saw Palmetto tree, is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and promote healthy testosterone levels in men. It also helps relieve symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate such as difficulty urinating, frequent urination, and weak urine flow.

Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes and other red fruits, has been found to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and promote prostate health. It also helps boost the immune system and protect the body from harmful free radicals.

Nettle, a herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is often used to help relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate and improve urinary flow. This natural extract is also rich in vitamins and minerals that support overall health and wellness.

Combined, these three powerful ingredients provide comprehensive support for prostate health and improve overall urinary function. Try Prostate Support today and experience the benefits for yourself. Order now and see the difference it makes.

Simply take two softgels daily for best results. Our Prostate Support is made with high-quality, natural ingredients and is free from artificial fillers and preservatives. Start supporting your prostate health today with our Prostate Support


Promotes a healthy prostate *

Reduce Inflammation *

Improve urinary flow *

Enhance overall prostate health *

Promote healthy hormone balance *


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