Luz Maria Briseno

Luz Maria Briseño is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. She moved to the United States at her early teens. It was in her College Communications Education where she decided to chase a career in radio. Luz Maria Briseno is one of the most well respected radio personalities known through the Hispanic community. With over 20 years in radio, it is her integrity, passion, loyalty, and charisma that capture's her strong audience. Her show is based on Nutrition and Lifestyle. She can be heard on KTNQ 1020, Univision Radio from 12 to 2pm. Her audience is reached through the greater Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Luz Maria Briseño has been practicing and motivating her audience through nutrition for over a decade.

"Over 10 years ago I was hospitalized for several days, including two days in a coma, because of the weakness of my heart, suffered from insomnia and other health conditions related to bad nutrition; my food was only junk food and refined sugars."

This ordeal led her to draw a solution, to change her way of life through nutrition. Determined to learn to eat better Luz Maria began studying nutrition little by little, at the same time expressing this new passion of hers to her audience. She would later find she was motivating her audience through her passion for nutrition. It was that passion that drove her to be a Licensed Nutritionist.

"I began to witness (sometimes even tears) how people started changing their lifestyle with the advice I would provide during my nutrition program"

"I had a new mission in life, to educate and help others to live a healthy and balanced life".

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